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Homelessness Can Happen to Anyone

Join YCH in sharing our message 'homelessness can happen to anyone'. Victoria needs a government commitment of $200 million per year to increase affordable housing and help stop the rising number of homeless.



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See 'Art Perspectives', an exhibition of the artworks of some of our talented tenants on Thursday 14th November at the Arts House North Melbourne.







Our Vision
Our vision is for a world where every person has access to a safe, secure and affordable home;
a world where human rights are upheld, and all people are welcomed and diversity is celebrated;
a world where every person has a real opportunity to live out their hopes and dreams - regardless of income or disability;
a world where the focus of society and governments is on the health and happiness of the whole person;
a sustainable world that can support the hopes and dreams of future generations.


Our contribution to this vision … what we will do …

We will provide innovative services for people who have experienced homelessness and create flexible pathways into homes and communities.
We will develop and manage an increasing supply of housing that is affordable, sustainable, and safe; that is well designed and maintained and meets the changing needs of a diverse community. 
We will do more than just providing affordable housing - we will create opportunities for the people who live in our housing to participate in decision making, build social connections, gain access to community resources, develop confidence and skills, discover their gifts and talents and contribute to their community. 
We will work in partnership with others to change community attitudes and government policy and ensure that access to good quality and affordable housing is upheld as a basic human right.

YCH’s Initial Assessment & Planning Service is the first point of contact for those are faced with an immediate or impending housing crisis. We provide information, referral and follow up assistance for clients, and links to support services. [read more]


YCH provides a range of accommodation types, including rooming houses, studio apartments and 1 & 2 bedroom units. Tenancies are available from crisis to long term.
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As of June 2013, YCH manages 1815 units across the state of Victoria. YCH is committed to developing and managing housing that is well designed, affordable, accessible and secure. [read more]